1991, May 20

Compact disc (CD) packaging raised environmental concerns Thurs. at House Transportation Subcommittee hearing. CDs currently are packaged in plastic or cardboard disposable "longboxes," which industry officials agreed must be replaced. Guidelines for new packaging should be announced in June, said Jay Berman, pres. of RIAA. Plan will be voluntary, he said, to avoid antitrust problems. He said continued protection of CD jewel box will be guiding factor in decision, said industry has been looking at jewelbox-sized format in which companies could merely shrink wrap 5"x5-1/2" box. "Jewel box" is hard container currently used to house CD. Biggest drawback: Increased risk of theft with smaller package, he said. Other alternatives include mostly cardboard folding pack called Digi-Pak, and folding cardboard-plastic Eco-Pak. Berman said new packaging will cost industry $2-$3 million to retool and take year to reach consumers.

source: Communications Daily, May 20, 1991, Monday, Vol. 11, No. 97; Pg. 5